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ชนิดกระทู้ ผู้เขียน กระทู้: ASEAN Beauty Market is furious, ready for "ASEANbeauty 2019"  (อ่าน 11 ครั้ง)
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ASEAN Beauty Market is furious, ready for "ASEANbeauty 2019", the largest beauty exhibition in ASEAN, between 2-4 May 2019 at BITEC, Bangkok.

UBM Asia (Thailand) Company Limited opens the ASEAN beauty market, to held the biggest beauty and health product exhibition "ASEANbeauty 2019" during 2-4 May 2019 at BITEC, Bangna. In order to spark the beauty and ready to open the opportunity for Thai beauty business, to show their potential to the global market, continue to grow the business to the international market through the "Business Matching" program and serve as a platform to showcase products of over 350 entrepreneurs who bring beauty and health innovations, to reinforce the biggest beauty exhibition in ASEAN. It is expected that this year, there will be more than 1,000 million baht in cash and there will be over 12,000 attendees.

Mr M. Gandhi , group managing director (ASEAN Business), UBM Asia (Thailand) Co, Ltd and vice president of UBM Asiarevealed that UBM is preparing to continue the success of the beauty and health trade show, the greatest in ASEAN "ASEANbeauty 2019" or "ASEAN Beauty 2019" during 2-4 May 2019 at BITEC Bangna, Bangkok. The beauty market center in Thailand and ASEAN, on an area of ​​9,600 square meters within hall 103 -104, this event is considered as a beauty trend exhibition from all over the world include in one place. This event is an important opportunity to show new beauty products to the world.

In addition, the event is also considered as an important platform for beauty business people to meet through the "Business Matching" program to open opportunities for business entrepreneurs through meeting with quality buyers from all over the world. By the year 2018, this program has received excellent feedback because there are more than 3,200 business matches or about 1/3 of the number of visitors and more than 9,000 visitors from 60 countries around the world. In the event, there were 350 booths showing beauty innovations gathered from around the world and also found knowledge from programs, seminars and workshops from leading beauty gurus without charge throughout the entire event.

For the event "ASEAN Beauty 2019" is the 5th of the event, which will have entrepreneurs from Europe, America and Asia, to present more than 350 products and businesses of their own from 20 countries around the world, increasing from the year 2018, there are 250 entrepreneurs, most of whom are still 60% domestic businessmen. The remaining 40% are from foreign countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, America, Italy, France, etc. It is expected that there will be visitors increased to be 12,000 visitors.

ASEANbeauty 2019, this year, there are categories of innovations and beauty products attended covering all businesses, including cosmetics, hair care products, salon products, perfumes, health care products, spa products, OEM / ODM, packaging, cosmetic ingredients, comprehensive beauty services, beauty equipment, decorate nails products, gathered to all the beauty entrepreneurs who attended a variety of occupations, including wholesalers, major manufacturers, makeup artists, hotel-spa operators, makeup-making schools, hairdressers, etc.
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On the side, Ms Anuchana Vichvech , group director, UBM Asia (Thailand) Co, Ltd,added that "from success last year, thus we held the event "ASEANbeauty 2019" again. This year, there will be leading beauty entrepreneurs from both ASEAN and around the world, attending a lot of trade shows which the cosmetics market has grown rapidly enabling us to plan to accommodate more than 10,000 attendees with the latest products and services covering all product groups, showcasing through 350 beauty and health products booths from all over the world, with quality buyers from 50 countries, divided into 50%, the exhibitors from 20 countries around the world, such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Belgium and Hungary. By this time, the company as the organizer want to reinforce the biggest beauty exhibition in ASEAN again with continued success, ready to build a good relationship of ASEAN and international beauty businesses, including setting the target to develop the capabilities of ASEAN entrepreneurs and the beauty industry to move towards the Asian and global levels.

In addition to being an important platform for international beauty entrepreneurs, "ASEANbeauty 2019" is also considered as a platform to raise important knowledge from many activities in the event, such as seminars for knowledge about cosmetics and health care, demonstration of properties and using products on the stage including the latest innovative products about beauty and health in the ASEANhealth and wellness zone as well as the knowledge of cosmetic marketing such as branding, rules and procedures for the export of beauty and health products including online marketing Which is truly a response to the entrepreneurs and visitors.

In addition to the ultimate stage of knowledge, both in the seminar and demonstration stage, UBM has also organized an exclusive event for Thai entrepreneurs. In order to gain more experience, both the workshop program by world-class beauty professional, starting with Make up Class - Spring Color Smoky Make-up by JEONG SEO YUN, the famous makeup artist from South Korea, shortcut program for success and workshops, Unlock Power of 5 by Lazada and don't miss the Ultimate SENSATION touch, the product will reveal the value of beauty from all over the world on the TESTING ZONE area and join the path to success with your own hands by the beauty innovation contest "Beauty Innovation Awards 2019", contesting works, ideas and new beauty ideas, create important productivity Empowering entrepreneurs , ready to upgrade Thai beauty products to the international level . All works will be judged by researchers and experts from TISTR. The best work will be eligible to visit the Cosmoprof Asia 2019 world-class beauty exhibition in Hong Kong by UBM and receive joint privileges to do research work on product value development with the Institute of Science and Technology of Thailand worth, more than 2 hundred thousand baht.

Ms Anuchana Vichvech said that in the overall, the health and beauty market is likely to continue strong because people turned to focus on their health and personality or having good health from the inside to having a good image outside. In the past year, the value of health and beauty market was worth 2.5 billion baht, with annual growth rate of 7.6%, divided into domestic market of 1.7 billion baht and export of another 8 billion baht. The main export market are ASEAN and other Asian countries, including Japan and China, Ms Anuchana Vichvech concluded at the end.

The event "ASEANbeauty 2019" will be held between 2-4 May 2019 at BITEC, Bangna, within Hall 103-104 from 10.00 hrs. At www.aseanbeautyshow.com or call 02 036 0500
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