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ชนิดกระทู้ ผู้เขียน กระทู้: Double A Brings Back Tour and Shopping Campaign with KRW 350 million worth of Pr  (อ่าน 59 ครั้ง)
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Double A Brings Back Tour and Shopping Campaign with KRW 350 million worth of Prizes

Millions of prizes await 35 couples as Double A sends off a big shopping campaign this year following its successful event in 2010, injecting THB 60 million in tour and shop in Korea campaign with free KRW 10 million for each couple from the total prize of KRW 350 million. Double A believes this campaign will push sales up by 15%.
Mr.Charnvit Jarusombathi, Senior Executive Vice President of Double A (1991) PLC stated, “After the successful ‘Tour and Shop Free in Korea' campaign in 2010, Double A is organizing this campaign again for 2012 to reward our loyal customers for their continued trust in Double A copy paper. We wanted to thank our customers who stayed with us and contributed in bringing Double A to where it is today, a truly global brand with dominant market share both in Thailand and overseas.”
Double A’s 2010 sales revenue increased by 10 percent versus the year earlier. This is partly because of the thousands of customers who bought Double A paper and participated in the campaign. For this year’s edition, Double A has organized Double A I-Girls road shows at office buildings around Bangkok for the whole month of February to promote the campaign.
“Tour and Shop in Korea for Free with KRW 10 million for 35 couples for a total prize worth 350 KRW million” campaign will give away 35 prizes for 35 couples which include free shopping and tour package to Korea valued at 10 million won each.
To join this campaign, just cut the piece of Double A 80 gsm paper or Double A Color Print 500-sheet/ream paper(the portion where 80 gsm or color print is shown), provide the requested details and send to P.O BOX No.10, Bangpakong Post Office, Chachoengsao 24130.
The lucky draw will be spread over 7 times: 21 March 2012, 18 April 2012, 16 May 2012, 20 June 2012, 18 July 2012, 15 August 2012 and 26 September 2012. 5 winners will be announced for each lucky draw. Sending of entries will be until 20 September 2012 only.
More details can be found in or call 1759 Double A Hotline.

For more information:
Kith and Kin communication and Consultant Co., Ltd
Marayart Jampathum: 02-663-3226 Ext 62 or 086-339-4947

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